Customer service key for local business


In the communication business, it’s all about customer service with a smile and that attitude has garnered Central Communications awards for seven years running.

Essentially, the business, for those not familiar with it, provides a professional messaging and communication service but to simplify its services is to ignore its uniqueness.

“Years ago you would’ve called us an answering service … that’s kind of passé,” Lance said in an interview with The Tribune.

The company deals with calls from the U. S. and Canada, provides services to medical offices, municipal services, hydro companies, small contractors, and funeral homes, to name a few.

Lance said Central Communications recognizes it is providing an essential service to its clients and their customers.

“We want to wow our customers. We want people to know when they call we care – because we do.

“We’re not there to answer the phone, we are there to help you. Every call is equally important to us.”

Lance said Central Communications prides itself on being an extension of the customer service department on behalf of its clients.  “We have a team of wonderful people.”

Asked where things go from here, Corals Lance said her focus is to ensure the company is providing a quality service and it creates a positive environment for the well-trained staff who answer the calls.

“There is always room to grow, but I want to do it the right way,” she said.

“That being said, there’s nothing we won’t look at. We will take on any project as long as we can do  it well.”